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It’s World Moxa Day today!

Moxafrica is pleased to share some news on World Moxa Day.


First of all, things are progressing with the project in Durban, South Africa, with the moxa and ear seed programme working with homeless heroin addicts in the city. The results have been remarkably encouraging and it is gaining increasing interest. The combination of treatments (both appropriately simple, cheap and low tech) are showing themselves to be remarkably powerful in combination.


Secondly a big online event is planned for October – it's called:


A Global Moxa Summit — (A Quiet Revolution of Fire)


It’s being hosted by Net of Knowledge and facilitated by Bob Quinn who intends it to shake up moxa education in acupuncture schools in the West a little (because it's so deficiently taught) as well as wake more of us up to the simple but substantial powers of moxa therapy. (Bob is intent on turning into an ‘irresistable revolution’ in moxa education, and we certainly love that idea!)


As Dou Cai wrote in his ‘Teachings of Bian Que’ in the 12th century):

"Acupuncture without moxibustion is like trying to cook without fuel."

Further announcements will be made soon, but we are finalized on dates which are: Saturday-Sunday October 12-13th. Lots of moxa-related stuff will be shared and we’re really looking forward to it.

Meanwhile we continue to pursue the holy grail (for us) which is putting our existing remarkable findings for improving recoveries from drug-resistant TB with moxa to the necessary further controlled tests. This is proving really difficult, unfortunately, largely because we have inadequate funding to support the significant costs which might entice the necessary partners (in other words we have nothing to offer researchers that is remotely what a drug company can offer) – but we’re not giving up because if the existing data can be corroborated we have no doubt that this therapy can save many vulnerable lives.

And alongside these efforts we are continuing exploring the possible mechanisms of how moxa may work its magic. This has been taking us down some dark rabbit holes where we have been exposing some fascinating possibilities that may yet prove very exciting. Watch this space on this too!

Lastly, we are still providing remote support for any long-haulers struggling to recover from the effects of SARs-CoV-2 lingering spike proteins either from infection or from the vaccines. We know that moxa is not a magic bullet (if only...) but we do know it helps. There's quite a bit on the Moxafrica website on this, if you know anyone who might be interested, and on the dedicated '100 Day Challenge' website too.

So Happy World Moxa Day - and we hope it's an appropriately smokey one wherever you are reading this...


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