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The 100 Days Moxa Challenge for Long COVID
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The rationale

Since 2008 the Moxafrica charity has been systematically investigating whether small cone moxa can help recoveries from multi-drug-resistant TB. We knew that it was successfully used in 1930s in Japan to treat TB before antibiotics were available, but today, even with all the might of modern medicine, the treatment of MDR-TB has a terrible success rate. 

 We’ve been involved in three clinical trials which together convinced us that this simple cheap therapy can both improve and hasten recovery rates from TB, probably by a cumulative strengthening of host immune response.


The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is a very different pathogen to the tuberculosis mycobacterium, and both COVID-19 and Long COVID are also very different diseases to TB. The initial coronavirus infection, for instance, develops far too quickly for moxa to have any effect in its acute phase. The effects of its afterburn, though, still drew our moxa-focused attention -  (like TB) Long COVID is also a slow-burning intransigent condition that appears to have complex inter-relationship with the state of the host immune system. Also, just like with TB, some parts of the immune system appear to get hijacked in the process.


Could moxa help long-haulers in a similar way to how it appears to help TB cases? And if so, how best might it be used?

We actually already have anecdotal evidence that it probably does help to some extent which gives us every reason to investigate further. But COVID 19 is essentially a new disease with wide-ranging symptoms, so any general treatment plan needs to be very carefully considered and may not necessarily depend on traditional theories. With the help of selected experts, we've designed four different moxa protocols and now intend to compare them to see whether one or two of them shine out as being the most effective after 100 days of therapy. 

 The 100 Day Moxa Challenge ( )

To test these 4 protocols we’re currently enrolling 200 long-haulers - supplying them with moxa, materials, support and encouragement to enable them to treat themselves daily with one of the designated protocols for 100 days. 

We’re inviting applications to this pilot study from anywhere in the world – and participation is free. 

Using carefully crafted questionnaires we’re going to compare each volunteer's recovery over this 100 day period and so hope to work out which protocol(s) works best.

The possible pay-off

Once we’ve done this work, we'll be sharing the results as best we can – whatever the outcome.


If the results are positive, we may have exposed a cheap, highly adaptable, low-tech, safe intervention that could be used anywhere in the world where people are struggling post-COVID-19. What’s more, this won’t just be for those living in richer countries where Long COVID is at least now being recognised, where steps are being taken to address it and some form of social protection exists. Positive findings could be really important for those living in the Majority World where Long COVID isn't yet being addressed at all, let alone recognised, and where no social protection exists for those debilitated by it (where, if the wage earner is affected by Long COVID, for instance, a whole family may face catastrophic destitution).

If you're interested in taking part, please email to find out more.