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How you can donate and help MOXAFRICA

To all our Moxafrica Supporters

We cannot say how much we appreciate your ongoing support during these challenging times.


We always try to make it as easy as possible to donate from anywhere in the world, whilst also ensuring that we maximize what actually finally comes to the charity from whatever funding platforms we use. In other words, we want to make it as easy as possible to donate but also allow the charity to benefit from tax breaks awarded by the UK government through its 'Gift Aid' facility (Gift Aid can only be collected by the charity if you are a UK taxpayer).

We have chosen two platforms in order to best cover possible options:​

1. If you are a UK taxpayer or if you are an international donor with a Paypal account:

Please use the PayPal Giving Fund (see below for link)

  • Moxafrica will receive 100% of your donations (and your donation will be amplified by 25% through Gift Aid if you are UK taxpayer)

  • This platform can be used for single or regular donations

  • Donors, unfortunately, must  have a PayPal account to use this platform

  • Accepts UK + international donations

2. If you do not have a Paypal account:

Please use straightforward Paypal (see below for link)

  • Paypal generally takes 1.5% of the transaction which is generally competitive (though this can be variable)

  • This platform can be used for single or regular donations

  • Donors do not need a Paypal account and payments can be made by card

  • Accepts UK + international donations

We dearly hope that your generous support will continue so that we can pursue our aims of seeing moxa widely used to help fight TB and drug-resistant TB in poorly-resourced countries and continue to undertake or sponsor research in this area.

Please note that we are also still very happy to receive donations by cheque.

ways you can donate:

by paypal giving fund

For UK (+ Gift Aid option) and for international donations if you have a Paypal account.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 6.51.43 PM.png

by paypal

If you don't have a Paypal account and don't want to register, payment can be made by card here.


by mail

Donate to Moxafrica by post. Please send a cheque in GB pounds sterling payable to Moxafrica to:


103 Chestnut Road, Oldbury
West Midlands - B68 0AY, UK

UK taxpayers can claim gift aid on this donation by adding the following form: UK GIFTAID FORM

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