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50% of all proceeds from book sales go to Moxafrica.

Hard Rain

Hard Rain: Forecasting the future for tuberculosis

A concise discourse on the prospects for tuberculosis management in the immediate and longer term. It argues that the global response to the disease needs to be urgently ramped up and that tuberculosis today should no longer be treated as a single disease. Rather the response must differentiate between the different types of disease that have been created by the inadequate response to it or those who are most vulnerable to the disease will face an implacable storm of untreatable disease.

Blowing in the Wind: Drug-Resistant TB and the Poor

'Blowing in the Wind' is both a call-to-arms and a call-for help in relation to the growing pandemic of drug-resistant tuberculosis. It is also a book which is overdue by at least a decade. 
What emerges is deeply worrying: an already-existing drug-resistant pandemic that, for complex reasons, remains largely invisible, relatively ignored and seriously underestimated. Meanwhile in the hotspots where the disease is still common the functionally untreatable new variant forms of the disease are smouldering ominously. 
The Moon over Matsushima

The Moon over Matsushima - 'the Single': Clinical Moxibustion Treatments

Extracted from Young's original sweeping review of moxibustion 'The Moon over Matsushima - Insights into Moxa and Mugwort', this special 'kindle single' comprises a user-friendly comprehensive compendium of treatment formulae. It appeared in the original book as a 40 page appendix and was particularly well-received by reviewers and readers. Designed to be easily referenced as well as easily accessed this offers a unique and practical tool for the acupuncturist of today.
Blowing in the Wind
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