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Fist the bad news and then...

We have found ourselves very recently desperately let down by an organisation here in the UK. We had believed that they were able and willing to help fund the next stage of the project in Capetown. We certainly know that they have both the resources and the legal remit to do so, and we had been negotiating accordingly for nine months. As a result of this unexpected setback, we have a desperate hole in our projected income, since we had been counting on this grant becoming available to us in September. We still have no proper explanation as to why this legitimate source of funding has been denied us at this time.

All of our available resources are focused on rectifying this situation, and we're seeking any available avenue of support. We're still planning to be in Capetown in October.

Below is a photo of a patient in Kampala who is currently enrolled on the programme. She is a "drug-failure", and thus is defined (in the absence of more sophisticated diagnostics) as drug-resistant. Since starting moxa therapy she has strengthened, stopped coughing and has put on weight. For her and her baby, moxa represents her best and only hope. For her and those like her, we have to keep the Kampala project going as well.

If you know anyone who might help, or can help yourself with a donation, please get in touch. You can simply click on the "donate" page

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