•  Moxa project in Nyanga, started in 2011 and is ongoing.  
  •  Partnership with South Africa Christian Leadership Association.
  •  Support from University of Western Cape's Dr. Andre Sorger.


      South Africa is the epicentre of drug resistant tuberculosis in Sub Saharan Africa, 

with the highest recorded rates of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and a very large 

number of patients co-infected with HIV and TB. In the ever-expanding urban areas 

of typically high population density and poor housing, there are large migrant 

populations, as people come from all over the African continent searching for 

employment. This situation adds to the problems of controlling diseases such as HIV 

and TB.

      Since 2011 Moxafrica have been working in the Western Cape, first by running two 

12 month pilot studies. Community Health Workers, who deliver TB medicine to 

patients within the townships, were trained to use moxa and offer it to their patients. 

The study in Nyanga township near Cape Town was particularly successful and we 

are still supporting a moxa program there. Through talking to patients in Nyanga and 

receiving  regular feedback from Health Workers we can see the continuing benefits 

that moxa is bringing, and are convinced that it has huge potential to help these 



      In Nyanga we are privileged to be working with SACLA (South Africa Christian 

Leadership Association), and their dedicated team of Health Workers. This 

partnership has helped us understand some of the challenges of township life, as 

well as the difficulties faced by health professionals in these environments. 

      Dr. Andre Sorger, lecturer at the School of Natural Medicine at the University of the 

Western Cape (UWC), has been connected with SACLA for some years as part of 

outreach work with his acupuncture students from the UWC. He is excited by the 

responses seen so far, and committed to helping its progress. 

      In an attempt to raise awareness of moxa and of the work of Moxafrica in South 

Africa, a workshop was held in Cape Town November 2014. We are grateful to 

Andre Sorger and acupuncturist Emma Mezher for organising this event, which was 

attended by local acupuncturists and students. We hope that a community of 

therapists interested in moxa can develop and spread the word to help us introduce 

moxa more widely in South Africa.